- Hand made in Missabotti -

by yolanda 


Yolanda El khouri is an Australian visual artist and designer. 

Across a range of creative platforms, painting, drawing textiles and ceramics Yolanda creates detailed orientated works with a natural sensitivity.

Music and nature are her  two great sources of inspiration. The peace and happiness found in these  are reflected in the delicacy of the colours and shapes she uses.

Yolanda takes a mindful approach to objects of everyday life. By simplifying and using limited colour palettes she draws the viewer into certain subtleties that otherwise would go unnoticed within these details a space can be found.

Colour is an intuitive part of Yolanda’s painting practice. Her works emitting a light, ethereal mood which instantly brings peace and relaxation to the space they inhabit.

An appreciation for her natural environment is fundamental to Yolanda’s practice, observing its transitions. As things evolve and take shape into new forms.

Along these lines is where she morphs animals into musical instruments as they seamlessly evolve into one another they delight and bring wonder to her audience.

Yolanda’s comes from a very creative family, with an artistic mother and musical father it seems like the natural progression to combine the two.

Yolanda’s delicate and fine approach provides an immersive experience for those viewing her works.


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